How To Take Full-Screen Screenshots Of Your Entire Webpage


Image credit PlaceIt Sometimes you want a quick screenshot of what you see in your screen, but sometimes you want to take a screenshot of the entire webpage (including when you scroll down) The tool I use for this is called Webpage Screenshot. Why it’s the most powerful extension for taking screenshots? * Annotate it…

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My Favorite Plugin For Adding Images To Your Sidebar


While I’m sure there are a dime a dozen for accomplishing the simple task of adding images to your sidebar, I’m going to show you my favorite. It’s a plugin called….are you read for this? “Image Widget“. (You don’t say). I’ve played around with my fair share of image plugins and I’ve come to really…

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5 Crucial Things That Should Be Part Of Every Brand’s Visual Plan

google 2

Building a brand is all about consistency. Your readers and customers expect to have the same experience whenever they deal with your brand. This consistency will lead to customer reliability and trust. An important part of creating a consistent brand image is to choose a visual scheme that will always be associated with your name…

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Make Text Stand Out On Images By Creating A Subtle Shadow [Tutorial]


Example     Step 1: Open your image in Photoshop.  Step 2: Create a duplicate layer Keyboard shortcut Mac…..Cmd + J PC…….Ctrll + J   Step 3: Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool Step 4: Create a selection along the lower portion of the image where you want your shadow to be Step 5:  From the…

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How Top Brands Use Visual Content To Get More Leads, Followers, And Traffic

Visual Content Marketing

Visual marketing is a major trend online that’s only growing more and more popular. Marketers who use visual content get: more customer engagement more leads and more followers, which naturally result in higher earnings. What Is Visual Content? When you think of visual content, you probably imagine images. While images are important, visual content includes…

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How To Center Objects Perfectly In Photoshop


Step 1 Select the layer of the object you want centered Step 2 Press Cmnd + A (Ctrl + A on PC) You should see little lines (or marching ants) going around the border of your canvas.

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The Secret Ingredient A-List Bloggers Use For Building An Audience


Want To Learn How To: get more shares get more likes on Facebook connect with people sell more products get more subscribers and fans Peter Guber, chairman and CEO of the Mandalay Entertainment Group, explains how to establish an emotional connection with any audience in his best selling book Tell to Win: Connect, Persuade, and Triumph…

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How To Remove A White Background & Make It Transparent


If you are designing your own graphics sooner or later you will run into this problem of having to use a jpg image with a white background. Let’s say you don’t want the white background but you just want the subject in the image whether it’s a logo, a person, or in this example, the…

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Top 10 Photo Editing Sites To Get Those Cool Instagram Photo Effects

photo editing sites for cool photo effects

Photo Credit: 55Laney69 via Compfight cc

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Make A Professional Ebook Cover In 5 Minutes Using Free Photoshop Actions


What you’ll learn in this tutorial Where to find awesome free cover templates for ebooks & much more How to download and install photoshop actions How to use a photoshop action to create a professional cover for your ebook How to reduce a large file size within photoshop How to save your ebook image with…

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