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  1. Why Your Image File Sizes Could Be Costing You Money & The Fix Pt1
  2. How To Reduce Image File Sizes For The Web, Email, & Blogs Pt2
  3. Add Frames To Make Your Images Look More Professional In Seconds
  4. More Simple Tricks To Make Your Images Look More Professional In Seconds (Part 2)
  5. 5 Great Sites Offering Free Website Headers


Coming Soon…

How to use images in your wordpress site

How to use the undo feature in photoshop

How to set your featured Image

How to add text to an image

All about pixels

PNG, JPG, GIG, WTF, Which one should I use?

Image Transparencies

Image Resizing

Text Manipulation

Where to get fonts

How to install fonts

Color Schemes


The best way to “Save your image for the web”

Other great image articles I recommend checking out.

5 Favorite Low Cost or Free Image Sources for WordPress Blog Posts

5 Photo Plugins that Will Pull Creative Commons Images into Your Site

How to Use PhotoDropper to Find the Perfect Free Photo for Your Next Blog Post

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