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Module 1 Why You Need Visual Content
Unit 1 The Importance of Visuals
Unit 2 The Psychology of Color Schemes
Unit 3 How to Create a Visual Scheme for Your Brand
Module 2 Visual Content Creation
Unit 1 Creating Visual Content that Engages Your Audience
Unit 2 Tools for Creating and Editing Visual Content
Unit 3 9 Tools for Making Infographics
Module 3 Visual Tips For Sales & Marketing
Unit 1 Sharing Visual Content on Social Media
Unit 2 How to Use Visuals to Enhance Your Sales Page
Unit 3 Email Marketing with Visual Content
Module 4 Visual Tips For Blog Images
Unit 1 Using Visual Content on Your Blog
Unit 2 The Importance Of Reducing Images
Unit 3 How To Optimize Your Images
Module 5 Bonus Downloads
Unit 1 Bonus: Visual Content Marketing Plan
Unit 2 Bonus: Social Media Visual Cheat Sheet
Unit 3 Bonus: 55 Tools For Creating Visuals
Unit 4 Bonus: Step-By-Step Featured Blog Post Image Guide
Unit 5 Bonus: Free Image Templates
Module 6 Resources
There are no units in this module.