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twitter-cutout-example-framedPhotoshop cutouts are often used in newspaper and magazine layouts, or even in product logos and labels, to create a different look with elements that “pop” off the page and catch attention. You can wrap text around them, layer them on top of other photos to give a three-dimensional effect, or do whatever you can imagine. Creating graphics for blogs and websites are no different. The possibilites are endless once you know how to do this. You will be able to create

  • custom blog post images
  • attention grabbing effects inside your articles
  • stunning, professional sidebar ads
  • 3D ebooks images
  • & much much more

This doesn’t even scratch the surface of what you can do with cutouts but hopefully it will inspire some ideas. With a little practice and patience, you can easily create cutouts in Photoshop using the pen tool, layers and paths.


  1. How To Create A Custom Blog Post Image With Cutouts And Text Effects
  2. A Very Simple Way To Cutout An Image And Remove The Background (using the quick selection tool)
  3. How To Change The Color Of Objects, Clothes, Hair, Or Anything Else
  4. How To Remove A White Background & Make It Transparent (using the magic wand tool)
  5. How To Insert One Image Into Another – The Easy Way


How to refine the cutout edge and deal with hair etc.

How to cutout an image using the Magnetic Lasso Tool

5 ways you can use cutouts to improve your blog. 


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