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Ebooks have become one of the hottest things around. Anyone who has a successful website will recommend you put together some sort of ebook.

You can use these as a free giveaway when people sign up for your email list or you can use them as product with which to monetize. However you choose to use your ebook one thing is for certain…


So…How Do You Create An Awesome Ebook Cover Without Paying a Fortune?”

This is one of the most asked questions and requested tutorials I get so I’ve spent a lot of time breaking this down for you in order to make it as simple as possible.


  1. How To Make Your Own Free 3D Ebook Cover – Template 1
  2. How To Create Your Own Free 3D Ebook Cover: Template 2
  3. How To Use An iPad Template For Your Ebook
  4. How To Display Your Ebook On A Virtual Shelf



  • How to add reflections and depth to your 3D cover
  • How to crop and save your ebook cover with the proper settings
  • How to use your ebook in an opt-in form [FEATURED]
  • How to design a cover that is proven to convert.
  • Templates You Will Need
  • How To Design Your Own Ebook Cover For Free


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