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Resource Website: http://placeit.breezi.com/

Create Awesome Screenshots Ideas


Idea 1: Use it for your free opt-in gift in your sidebar just like I did. 


  • Pick your template and look at the specified sizes
  • Create an ebook cover in photoshop or your graphic editor of choice with those dimensions
  • Save it
  • Now upload it to Placeit
  • Right click on image and save as


Idea 2: Use it for a blog post image

Having trouble finding a perfect image for your latest article. Create a simple text image and then just drop it into Placeit. It really adds a unique visual element that stands out from the crowd. Here’s an example of a simple graphic I created for a recent blog post image on my other site Efficient Life Skills.

You can see it live here

5 Helpful Links-framed

Here’s another example of a review I did for Pat Flynn’s book Let Go. I used the image for his book and uploaded it to Placeit. Saved it. Then added text around it. Easy.

See it live here



Idea 3: Use it to showcase your website or app

This is pretty much what this tool was designed for. If you want to show off how your site looks on a mobile device then here you go. If you want a picture that looks like someone about to click something on your site – perfect. Here is an example that I’m using for a Scrivener training course I’m building. I wanted to highlight the fact that you can learn on the go by watching video lessons wherever are so I chose this image which looks like a woman going through my course outside.

See it in action here

ipad 3-framed


Idea 4: Use it in context. 

Are you talking about something to do with cell phones or computers or tablets? Then try to get creative and wrap your pictures around the concept too. Here is an example of a post I did about ways you can use your cell phone’s camera to simplify life. What better way than to use someone holding a cell phone as the main picture.

You can see it here

breezi_placeit (10)-framed


  • Thanks Joseph! Found it very useful! Love the graphics!

    • Joseph Michael

      Reply Reply 0

      Thanks Monica. I’m glad you found it useful!

  • Carly

    Reply Reply 0

    Hi Joseph,

    This is amazing! I heard about your site through the Oh So Pinteresting Podcast and decided to come take a look. SO glad I downloaded your free eBook, because this additional free training guide is AWESOME. This will be invaluable for me. The whole idea of creating the text image, adding to Breezy to make it look more “pro”, but then importing in to PhotoShop again and adding text over (like you did with Pat Flynn’s eBook) is genius. I think those images will create more impact than just text on its own.

    My newest project is launching Jan 2014 and I’m going to have a lot of tutorials – but I’ll want to create really sharable images for pinterest too. So I’ve been thinking about ways to do that (and now I have one new way thanks to this screencast!)

    Another use: I’m now playing around with taking screen captures of my Pinterest account and importing to Breezy and adding to Facebook, saying “Hey, do you use Pinterest? I’m pretty active over there too, come and follow me”. We all know that large, great images make more impact in the newsfeed. So I’m hoping this will boost my follower number on other networks too, good bit of cross promotion!

    So, I’ll give one last tip back for those who haven’t come across this yet, seeing as its very related! I wanted to create an image of an iPhone with my website in the middle for a future blog post. I managed to find some great freebies from designers who use Smart Objects in PhotoShop. Sounds complex, but it couldn’t be easier to use. You basically double click the layer, add your image on the screen and it does the magic for you. It imports your picture at the correct angle etc. The end result is AMAZING. I’ve also found similar templates with magazines, poster frames, laptops, iPads etc too. So another great option for those who like the above tutorial from Joseph. For those interested, I have saved a couple to Pinterest here: http://www.pinterest.com/fashblogacademy/free-design-templates/ but not all the ones I’ve found. I will endeavour to update with more resources as soon as I can. I’ve also been finding text effects where you go in, change the text and it creates a dramatic, professional looking effect (for example, glittery or indented) Perfect to export, add into Breezy and then export again! Again, here are a couple of those I saved to Pinterest and I’ll update with more as time progresses: http://www.pinterest.com/fashblogacademy/free-text-effects-for-photoshop/ You can also look for your own on Dribble and Pinterest (that’s where I’ve found mine)

    Hope this helped some people! Just my way of giving back!


  • Thank you very much! I loved it! =)

  • Thank you, your content is faboulous! I will definitely use this tool! And also the Pinterest ideas of Carly’s comment are very useful, so many ways to use this tool. Many thanks again for sharing this great information,

  • Wow I was so impress, that you for popping so many new ideas in my head I will certainly be trying a few on these on my blog.

    Thank you.

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