How To Create Your Own Free 3D Ebook Cover: Template 2

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make your own 3d ebook cover free


Things you will need:

Blank 3D ebook template: Download Here: (Right click and save as)





Sample cover to work with (optional): Download Here: (Right click & save as)





Step-By-Step in pictures:

Tutorial 2

Step 2 Tutorial 23

Step 4

Tutorial 25

Tutorial 26

Tutorial 27

Tutorial 28

Tutorial 29

Tutorial 210

Tutorial 211

Tutorial 211 Tutorial 212

Tutorial 213

Tutorial 214

Tutorial 215

Tutorial 216

Tutorial 217

Tutorial 218


  • Emily

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    Great and easy to read article. Going to share it on facebook. I tried it myself and the ebook cover looks great. I also found some nice eBook Templates for Word which can be used with your ebook cover. Thanks again for the share and looking forward to reading your site.

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  • More Templates and a tutorial :)

    You rock dude and thanks so much for your help!

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