A Very Simple Way To Cutout An Image And Remove The Background

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This is one of the most requested tutorials and also one of the most fun. I’m sure you’ve seen the different crazy images around the web where people are placed onto all kinds of different backgrounds.

With cutouts and extractions the possibilities are endless. Once you learn how to do this easily and practice a little the images you can create will only be limited by your own imagination.

In this tutorial I’ll be showing you how I used a cutout for a header on a real estate blog that I do graphic work for.

Here’s 8 Simple Steps To Extract An Image In Photoshop

1. Insert Image

Step 1

2. Duplicate Layer

Step 2

  • Mac = Cmd + J
  • Win = Ctrl + J

3. Create Layer Mask

Should look like this:
step 3

4. Select the Quick Selection tool and run through entire person:

step 4

step 5

5. Choose select Inverse

Step 6

7. Turn off background layer

step 7

6. Press Delete to remove background

step 8

8. Turn off selection by either navigating to “Select” and choose “Deselect” or you can use the shortcut

  • Mac = Cmd + D
  • Win = Ctrl + D

That’s It – Your done! You now have a completely cutout image with the background removed. You can then save this image as a png or gif and insert it into another image, a blog post, or whatever.


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