How To Make Your Own Free 3D Ebook Cover – Template 1

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how to make your own 3d ebook cover

Things You Will Need

3D E-Book Cover Template


3D E-Book Template PSD – Download HERE


3D Shelf With Background Lights


3D Shelf PSD – Dowload HERE


1. Open the 3D E-Book cover template in photoshop.

  •  Insert your ebook cover image and line up the corner to the top left template the best you can.

Free 3D E-Book Cover Tutorial

2. Stretch the image to widen the width

Free 3D E-Book Cover Tutorial

3. Go to Edit/Transform/Skew

This will allow you to drag the corners to match the book template corners. Be patient with this though because it won’t be perfect yet. Just get it as close as you can.

Tip: Hold down the ctrl (WIN) or cmnd (MAC) key to gain greater control over the corners.

Free 3D E-Book Cover Tutorial

4. Notice that we now have 3 of the 4 corners lined up pretty well.

Free 3D E-Book Cover Tutorial

5. Now choose the distort option.

Free 3D E-Book Cover Tutorial

6. This will allow you to play with the corners with even more freedom. You should be able to get all 4 corners in place now.

Free 3D E-Book Cover Tutorial

7. Now go back up to the Transform menu and choose Warp.

Free 3D E-Book Cover Tutorial

8. Now you can drag those little black handles up so that the top of your cover matches the curve. Do this for the bottom as well. Once you feel that it looks good hit Enter (Return).

Free 3D E-Book Cover Tutorial

9. If you feel that you need to fine tune the width or height you can use the keyboard shortcut:

Ctrl + T (WIN)

Cmnd + T (MAC)

This will now allow you to line up your image a little more precisely if you see any areas that need tweaking.

Free 3D E-Book Cover Tutorial

10. Once you have everything lined up the way you want hit Enter (Return). Now you have the choice to either leave the spine as is or you have the option to change it to whatever color you like. The next steps will show you how to go about changing the color.

Free 3D E-Book Cover Tutorial

11. Choose layer 2 in the layers panel.

Free 3D E-Book Cover Tutorial

12. Grab the eyedropper tool if you want to sample and match another color in your existing cover.

Free 3D E-Book Cover Tutorial


13. I’m choosing the red in the top border of the cover below.

Free 3D E-Book Cover Tutorial

14. Once you have the color you want choose the Paint Bucket Tool

Free 3D E-Book Cover Tutorial

15. Now simply click on the spine and it should fill it with the color that you chose.

Free 3D E-Book Cover Tutorial

16. Now go back to the layers panel and turn of the background by pressing on the eye.

Free 3D E-Book Cover Tutorial

17. As you can see we now have a nice looking 3D ebook cover with a transparent background. In the next steps I will show you the best way to save this image for future use.

Free 3D E-Book Cover Tutorial

18. Choose save for Web & Devices from the File menu

Free 3D E-Book Cover Tutorial

19. Ok notice that the image is huge. It is ok to save at this point if you want, but It is really unnecessary to have an ebook cover this large.

Free 3D E-Book Cover Tutorial

20. We can simply change the Image size in the bottom left corner. Currently this image is huge.

Free 3D E-Book Cover Tutorial

21. I usually change mine to about 400 pixels wide. Hit the Tab key and it will automatically retain the proper proportion for the height.

Free 3D E-Book Cover Tutorial

22. This looks much better.

Free 3D E-Book Cover Tutorial

23. Now before you save make sure you are saving as a PNG in order to retain the transparent background. I usually go with the PNG-24 option.

Free 3D E-Book Cover Tutorial

24. Make sure you have the Transparency box checked. Now your ready to hit Save and name your file whatever you like.

Free 3D E-Book Cover Tutorial


Want More?

Behind the Scenes Look at how I made this post. 


  • Thanks for this. Can’t wait to have a go for my book Dear Codebreaker. Having a 3D version of the cover will look great.

    • Joseph Michael

      Reply Reply 0

      You’re welcome Kerry! I’m sure it will look awesome :-)

  • Reda

    Reply Reply 0

    Excellent, thank you very much !!!

  • Holy cow this is awesome! thanks!

  • Nice, simple and straight to the point tutorial.Thanks!

  • Heddy

    Reply Reply 0

    How big should the designed cover be to fit on there?

  • I am extremely impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your weblog.
    Is this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself?
    Anyway keep up the excellent quality writing, it is rare to see
    a great blog like this one nowadays.

  • Nigel

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    Hey thanks for this tutorial it is just what I was looking for. But one problem I have is that when I place the image into the layer and go to Edit – Transform, both the Distort and Perspective are greyed out.

    I am using Photoshop CS2, and the image is saved in RGB 8-bit.

    So how come my Distort is greyed out and yours isn´t and more to the point do you have any idea how I can get it to work?

    Any help would be much appreciated.


  • You are wonderful! Will always come back to your site.

  • Most prob I have are that the templates are not
    realistic with correct angles. It makes it difficult
    them to put my photos and text into it

    If you distort the cover, you make it look too
    unnatural. even if you bend a book in the manner
    that the book is bent in the template
    you can’t easily match to the template and scew
    you phto to the same dynamics..

    I need templates that are 3d, but NOT
    with improbable edges..

  • It’s a wonderful site and awesome post that i made use of it.And i hope you make it as a video.

  • Thank you! Saved me from bying another graphic pack. Great post and thank you for the cover-share as well.

  • Monty

    Reply Reply 0

    Seems like much work for tech savvy guy. :-) Better go this way:

  • Candice

    Reply Reply 0

    You made way too much work for yourself! The first layer, JDI-Cover, is a smart object. Double-click on it (the thumbnail, not the name), it will open that image in a new tab. Place your artwork, flatten, and hit save. Then you aren’t spending any time distorting, or skewing.

  • Those people with two eyes view the world around us in stereoscopic 3d.
    Close one eye to see just what monoscopic appear like.

  • I’ve been wanting to do this for ages, but the version of Adobe Photoshop Elements that I have doesn’t have all of the tools available. Warp is non-existent. I only have distort, skew and perspective under the transform menu.

  • Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much.
    On other websites, I would have to paid for the template.
    Took me some time to find your page, but I found it :)

  • Mary

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    Now Here’s a man who I found a few minutes after leaving our msg and he knows how to do a much better job in < 3 minutes.

    You may not be able to learn, but left his link anyway.

    Seek Truth and God. Live an Honest and Good life.

    good luck

  • Thanks for the freebies! Just downloaded them. I’m hoping to use it and combine it into like 6 ebooks on one shelf. So sort of a bundle look to it instead of just one ebook.

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