How To Reduce Image File Sizes For The Web, Email, & Blogs

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This is something I do for every single image I put on my blog.



The Zoom % is the first thing to notice when trying to determine how large your image actually is.



Now this image is zoomed into 100% and look how huge it is! This is a good indication that the image file size is very large.

Quick tip:

  • Double click the zoom magnifying glass tool to automatically zoom to 100%



In order to check the image file size and pixel size click “Image Size” form the “Image” drop down menu.

Quick Tip:

Keyboard shortcut to open Image Size dialogue box.

WIN………. Alt+Cmnd+i




Ok lets notice a couple things here:

1. The Pixel Dimensions: = the file size which in this case is 50.2! Wow, good luck emailing that or uploading to wordpress. Not gonna happen.

2. The Document Size: The only thing to really be concerned with here is lowering our resolution. The resolution is only important when printing. If I were wanting to print this image on a high quality glossy paper stock then maybe I would keep the resolution at 300.



  • The first thing we can do to lower the size is to change the resolution. When we are dealing with simply viewing images on a screen though the resolution really doesn’t matter. Lowering the resolution to 72 seems to be the standard but I like to stick to 100.
  • The second thing we can do is to change the width or the height to 700. I usually change the width.
  • The third thing you are going to do is choose “Bicubic Sharper (best for reduction)” from the bottom drop down menu.

Now notice the Pixel Dimension. It went from a whoppin 50.2 down to 1.11. Ahhh much better.




Here is our new image at 100% zoom which means that this is how it will look on a computer screen when used for the web, email, or in a blog post. Also notice that it can still be zoomed in and it still looks fantastic!


Here are the main settings you need to remember.

Image Size With Correct Settings-framed


I’ve made available a quick cheat sheet for you if you would like to download and print out for your reference.





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