How To Use An iPad Template For Your Ebook

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This is a great alternative to using a 3D ebook rendering of your ebook. Especially if you find it to difficult to make your own 3D ebook or you don’t want to pay to have it done. Using this iPad psd template is super easy and I’ll show you exactly how to do it.

The Benefits of Using An iPad Book Cover

I really like the idea of using this template because more and more people are reading books on their tablets. This means that people are already picturing themselves reading on their tablet so why not show them that image right up front instead of a rendering of a physical book. Some say that there is more of a perceived value when looking at the actual physical book, but I see that perspective changing.

It’s nice to have options and actually I believe displaying your ebook this way actually has the benefit of standing out among the already crowded “regular” ebook views.

Let’s get started…

Things you’ll need:

iPad Template


Download PSD Here

Step 1

Once you open the iPad template it will look like this.

step 1

Step 2

There are several different options on the layers panel.

The main one that you will need to worry about right now is the one titled “Place your design here”

step 2

Step 3

Double click inside the box that says “Place your design here

step 3

Step 4

You will see this dialogue box appear. Click OK

step 4

Step 5

This screen will open. This is where you are going to insert your image.

step 5

Step 6

Locate your image. Drag and drop it in.

step 6

Step 7

Drag the sides to adjust your cover to fit. I’ve found that stretching to the blue lines works well and makes sure that none of the image is cutoff.

Hit enter/return once you’re finished resizing

step 7

Step 8

I almost forgot – make sure you turn off the sample design layer.

step 8

Step 9

Choose save from the file menu. This will automatically transfer your image onto the iPad as you will see in the next step.

step 9

Step 10

Click back over to the iPad template psd

step 10


Step 11

Now your image shows up nicely on the iPad template.

step 11

Step 12

You can choose different views by turning on and off the eyes in the layers panel.

step 12

Step 13.

There’s even a nice wooden table layer

step 13

Step 14

Now if you would like to use just the iPad image simply turn off all other layers.

step 14

Step 15

Save your image by choosing “save for web”

step 15

Step 16

Use the settings below.

step 16

Now you can use your iPad image anywhere you like




iPad-template-handHow To Make Your New iPad image really STAND OUT!

Adding a simple hand gesture can really spice things up.

I’ve provided them here for you to download and use.


Download Hand Gesture PSD Here


Here’s how you can easily integrate them in with your iPad image

Just drag and drop the hand into the image

hand 1

Then resize to fit your ipad.

  • Hold down shift when dragging from the corner handle to maintain the original proportions
  • You can make minor adjustments to line up the hand just right by using the arrow keys
  • Hit enter/return when satisfied.

hand 2

Save with the same settings as above and viola!



I hope this will inspire some ideas for you! There are so many different ways you can use this. If you do end up using one of these designs be sure to let me know. I would love to see it!

*Also If you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful would you please consider sharing it. I would be so grateful. 


  • Sue

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    This is an absolutely brilliant tutorial, thank you so much for the clear and concise instructions, not to mention the downloadable files you’ve provided. I’d like to make one suggestion, please. I’m no Photoshopper but by trial and error I’ve managed to get two different photos into each of the iPads, to act as photo frames for the children. Would it be possible for you to jiggle the template around so this option is available? Bit cheeky to ask, I know, but you would cringe if you knew how long I’ve spent trying to work it out!!!
    I really do hope you’ll be adding to these tutorials, they’re the only ones I’ve found that even I can understand:) Rest assured, I’ll be visiting regularly to see if there are any more. Thanks once again. Sue xxx

  • Sue

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    I would really love to try this out but none of the step-by-step images are to be seen. Without these, I can’t follow what I’m supposed to do. Please could you fix this issue?


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