Make A Professional Ebook Cover In 5 Minutes Using Free Photoshop Actions

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What you’ll learn in this tutorial

  • Where to find awesome free cover templates for ebooks & much more
  • How to download and install photoshop actions
  • How to use a photoshop action to create a professional cover for your ebook
  • How to reduce a large file size within photoshop
  • How to save your ebook image with a transparent background


What you’ll need:

  • Adobe Photoshop


Part 1: Downloading & Installing The Photoshop Action


  • Head over to They are a huge resource for covers and mockups of all kinds.

psd covers

  • Here is a link to the template I’ll be using if you want to follow along.

  • Click the Download Action button

psd covers screen

  • When you download the action it will be a zip format.unarchiver
  • Unzip it.
  • I use a program called The Unarchiver. Mac users can download it here

psd covers screen 2

  • Now go and open Photoshop


  • Open the actions panel by clicking on the play button icon.

Using Photoshop Actions

  • Then click on the tiny little menu icon button

Using Photoshop Actions

  • Choose “Load Actions”

Using Photoshop Actions

  • Navigate to the action you downloaded and unzipped. Select it and choose open.

Using Photoshop Actions

  • Now you will see it loaded into your actions. Click the arrow to expand and see the 2 step action process.

Using Photoshop Actions


Part 2: Using Photoshop Actions


  • Click on STEP 1 and then select the play button.

Using Photoshop Actions

Using Photoshop Actions

  •  Drag and drop your cover art onto the template

Using Photoshop Actions

  • Drag your cover image to fill the template space and hit enter/return when sized correctly.

Using Photoshop Actions

  • Now you are read to go back to the actions panel.
  • Choose STEP 2 and click play

Using Photoshop Actions

  • Then sit back and watch the magic happen!

Using Photoshop Actions


Part 3: Saving Your Image


  • From the Image menu select “Image Size”


  • Notice the size of your image. 138.9M is HUGE! We need to reduce this size first.



Follow these steps in this order to reduce the image.


  • Step 1: Change the resolution to 150


  • Step 2: Change the pixel width to 1000
  • *Note – make sure Scale Styles, Constrain Proportions, and Resample Image are all checked for these steps. 


  • Step 3: Choose Bicubic Sharper (best for reduction)

psd-covers-screen-3.98Now look at the difference!

  • Click “OK” when finished


  • After you click ok you may think your image is way too small. Don’t worry that’s only because it is at a zoom level of 12.5%


  • Double click the magnifying glass to bring it back to 100%


  • To continue saving the image with a transparent background navigate to the very bottom layer in the layers panel and turn it off by selecting the eye image.


  • Then choose File > Save for Web


  • Make sure you select PNG-24 and have a check mark next to Transparency.
  • Select Save and save it to a location you will remember on your computer.






 If this tutorial was helpful please pay it forward and share it with those you know!


  • Joseph, I am so disappointed that this post isn’t get the love it deserves! This is AWESOME.

    Especially for someone like me who is photoshop-illiterate :x

    Keep up the great work man
    - Gotch

    • Joseph Michael

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      Thanks for the kind words Gotch. Glad to hear you found it helpful.

  • this is the mist important for me. what i was looking for …

  • Tara

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    I cannot thank you enough for this post! You just saved me!! (and my Ps grade for this semester) Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

    • Joseph Michael

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      Awesome! Glad I could help Tara :-)

  • Thanks for such step by step tutorial for creating awesome ebook cover by photoshop. I have done several tasks like this in before but that was another tricky way. Using Photoshop Action is really awesome and its a new stuff i have learned today for creating ebook cover.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Might I add, I also have some Photoshop Actions to Create Ebook Covers free on my website. They’re pretty easy to use without much knowledge of Photoshop. Anyone interested please have a look! Cheers guys!

  • jujamal

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    AWESOME…. that’s the only word i can say now
    thank you man it’s really help me
    now i can design my own Ebook cover

    from Malaysia

    • Joseph Michael

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  • Awesome tutorial, just what I needed! Thanks so much :)

    • Joseph Michael

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      You’re welcome! Glad you found it helpful.

  • How cool are you Joseph ?

    You made me become a Photoshop Ebook Cover Maker Master in 5 Minutes.

    Awesome stuff

    I will definitely share your blog right now in my Mastermind.

    All the best
    Corrado Izzo

  • Thank you so much! This is exactly what I needed today! And will use in future. Very cool stuff. Bookmarked & shared.
    Kind Regards,

  • Fantastic tutorial – mine worked perfectly! Thanks so much for sharing, can’t wait to do this with all my articles now!

  • rain

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    I am blown away! This is incredible! Thank you so very much…I appreciate this gift and your time and energy. Thank you!

  • Super Tutorial, Thank Joseph!
    Can you share more template :)

  • hello nice pls how can i edit the text and put mine as in custormise both the color, text etc to my suit thNKS anticipating your reply thanks


  • Hi Joseph,

    This is a great tutorial – so easy to follow BUT I’m missing the step of actually pulling together the image with title etc. that I can then “drag and drop” into the template. Is there a tutorial that will help me to design a polished looking image for the front cover?

    Many thanks!

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